• Though it was not the first idea for the hearing-aid, in July of 1920, Earl Charles Hanson presented his idea for a hearing-aid made out of vacuum tubes. It was the first hearing-aid to be commercially produced. Later on, this hearing-aid was known as the Vactuphone. It was made of carbon and ran on two batteries. Back in 1921, it cost consumers $135.00. It was not to be worn on the body like today’s earphones, which are simply placed discretely into the ear. The Vactuphone models were “table-top” editions. A user would hold the box up to his or her ear and adjust the volumn as needed.Image
  • General John Thompson received his patent for his machine gun, the Thompson submachine gun which is also known as the Tommy Gun. This gun was commonly used during the 1920’s by gangsters. It was a very large gun weighing in at 10 pounds empty and fired .45 caliber ammunition. The thought for this gun came about to General Thompson after his battle in WWI. He felt it was time for a portable machine gun to be available during war and soon started all of his efforts to create one. The Tommy Gun was popularly used during WWII. Image
  • Radio broadcasting has finally begun in 1920! The first radio programming station had been set up on November 2 entitled KDKA. This date was specifically chosen because this day was an election day. Listeners could hear the results of the Harding-Cox presidential election before they read about it in the newspapers. Westinghouse and Dr. Frank Conrad were the two men who were inspired to broadcast music and other information to the listeners of the radio.Image